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We are concerned with providing the best education for our students so we only hire qualified teachers  with certificates and college diplomas. They constantly increase their professional competence.

Our staff is made up of early school education teachers, language teachers, subject teachers and native speakers.

Our teachers are creative people. They have passions which they pass on to their students. They are always ready for new challenges in the educational field. They willingly cooperate with parents, meet them, and talk about their pupils. They are open to solving problems which can appear in everyday education.

They love children and their occupation. They are devoted to their students.

School Principal

Dorota Masiak



We work together with specialists of different fields, who provide professional assistance to our students:


Counseling - Our psychologist monitors groups, signals problems and meets with parents according to our students’ needs. She also conducts lessons according to the school's prevention program,  in each class.

Mentoring - Our school's pedagogue helps students with solving problems and supports parents and teachers in identifying and expanding our students’  individual abilities, predispositions  and talents.


Re-education - re-education therapy for kids, lead by a qualified therapist.


Speech therapy - screening tests, speech therapy for children that require our speech therapist's assistance.

Didactic - compensatory lessons - group lessons conducted by teachers.


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