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Class 6 Exam

Class 6 Exam is a test held in primary schools for students in class 6.  It is one of the requirements to graduate from the school. Students do  not pass or fail this exam. The result is only informative.


Five skills are evaluated:  

  • reading,

  • writing, 

  • understanding, 

  • making use of information, 

  • putting knowledge into practice.


These skills are used in a cross-curricular approach, meaning that reading not only includes literature but also charts and maps. Sentences are constructed in a particular way to check skills in different subjects. These skills are essential in higher levels of education (high school) and used in everyday life.

Results in the school year 2015/2016 (Class 6)

This exam has not been held in our school in 2015/2016. Only students in the LIBRATUS program have taken it.



Results in the school year 2014/2015

On April 1, 2015 our students have taken the (Class 6)  Exam for the first time. It was an important exam for our school. The result of this exam is the most objective evaluation of the quality of our teaching program at Warszaw Bilingual School.


Our students’ results:

  • Polish - 84,4 %

  • Mathematics - 89,4 %

  • English - 99,3 %


These results are way above average compared to all the primary schools in Warsaw and in Poland. 

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