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OBUT Evaluation

Ogólnopolskie Badanie Umiejętności Trzecioklasistów OBUT is realized by the Institute of Educational Evaluation in the project „Evaluation of basic skills of third grade primary school students”.


The main goal of the evaluation is allowing primary schools to obtain additional information about the level of knowledge and skills of schools finishing the third grade and help in assessing the quality of teaching. The evaluation will also help determine which students’ abilities are not entirely put to use by the school.

Polish and math tests evaluate the level of our students’ knowledge and skills according to the core curriculum including:

  • Goals of general education in primary school such as gaining skills to make use of their knowledge during completing assignments and solving problems;

  • The most important skills gained by students during primary school education:

    • reading –an easy task as well as the ability to understand, make use of and process text,

    • mathematical thinking- the ability to use basic mathematical tools in your everyday life and to conduct elementary mathematical reasoning,

    • the ability to communicate in your first language, in speaking as well as writing


The following are also evaluated:

  • understanding, not only memorizing content,

  • developing analytical and synthetic thinking skills,

  • effective communication in different situations,

  • solving problems in a creative manner,

  • putting gained knowledge into practice and creating necessary experiences and habits.

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