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Subject circles

Classes 1-3


  • Math Riddles – starts from class 2. The classes are taught in a playful manner and teach solving mathematical, logical and picture puzzles. They prepare students for math contests. Our students are successful in the following contests: Alfik Matematyczny, Kangur Matematyczny, Genius Logicus


  • Fun with Spelling – teaches spelling through exercises and games such as „ Spelling Dominoes” which significantly improve spelling abilities in children. Funny texts, brain puzzles, rebus puzzles, and colorful illustrations. Students have an opportunity to discover spelling secrets by using computer programs to improve their writing. Calligraphy lessons are held. Students also prepare for dictations and spelling contests. Our students are successful in the national Polish contest: „Z Ortografią na Wesoło”


Classes 4-8


  • Bilingual Math Circle  – The program was created for all students. We want to develop the beauty of mathematical thinking in our students and  gaining pleasure from solving problems.  We teach our students to build their confidence in solving word problems, expanding their imagination, logical thinking. They are also taught vocabulary in both languages.


  • Bilingual History Circle - The main goal of the program and multimedia presentations prepared by the teacher is to teach students about the history of Poland called „Palcem po mapie”. The realization of the program will have an impact on the interest in our country’s history, culture and national traditions. Vocabulary will be taught in both languages.


  • Bilingual Science Circle – The goal of the program is to get acquainted with science and touristic aspects of chosen cities and regions of Poland as well as neighboring countries. They will learn about different ways of nature protection, attitude, lifestyle and habits that will assist with perseverance of natural and cultural heritage. Students are prepared to take part in science contests. Our students, starting from class 1,  are successful in the science contest „Świetlik”.


  • Journalists Circle - directed towards students of higher grades, includes creative lessons that expand their writing workshop and communicative abilities. The students write articles, conduct interviews and create the school newspaper Bilingual Breaking News. (School Newspaper)


  • Reading Circle

  • Computer Circle

  • Math Club – As part of the year round math project, students have an opportunity to take part in one of two clubs:

    • Compensatory club - directed towards people who need extra support topics discussed in class when the student was present or absent

    • Contest club - it’s goal is to expand logical thinking and improve efficient test taking. The program includes preparation for math contests.

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