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Zippy’s Friends

Zippy’s Friends is a project for children with different abilities. It’s not based on coping with specific problems but promoting emotional health in all children.


Zippy’s Program consists of six parts. Each part tells a different story. The stories are about boys and girls and a stick insect named Zippy. Each story is illustrated with colorful pictures and is filled with various tasks such as:

  • drawing,

  • role-playing,

  • games.



  • how to recognize our feelings and how to talk about them,

  • how to say what we want to,

  • how to listen carefully,

  • how to ask for help,

  • how to make and keep friends,

  • how to cope with loneliness and rejection,

  • how to apologize,

  • how to cope with stalking,

  • how to solve conflicts,

  • how to deal with life changes and loss such as death,

  • how to adapt to new situations,

  • how to help others.


Zippy’s Friends Project does not tell children what they should do. Instead, it allows them to think about themselves as well as possible problems. They think of their own solutions which help them as well as others.

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