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Władysław Bartoszewski was the author of 1,5 thousand articles and 40 books such as:

  • "1859 days of Warsaw" (1974),

  • "The Jews in Warsaw” 1939-1943. On the 40th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising" (1983),

  • "Days of the Fighting Capital. Chronicle of the Warsaw Uprising" (1984, 1989, 2004, 2008),

  • "Autumn of Hope: It’s Worth to Be Respectable" (1984, 1986);

  • "Natural Environment. Roots" (2010),

  • "A Drop Drills Rock? What I Said to and About Germans for Half a Century" (2011).


Władysław Bartoszewski was the laureate of many awards, commendations and honorable mentions such as: Order of the White Eagle, Cross of the Order of Merit RFN, Order of St. Grzegorz Wielki, Cross of Great Military, and Hospital Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem. He received an honorary title: Doctor Honoris Cause of the University of Warsaw, Hajfa and Hebrew College in Baltimore. He was an honorary citizen of Warsaw, Wrocław, and Gdańsk.

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Professor Władysław Bartoszewski

Prisoner of Auschwitz concentration camp, soldier of the National Army and participant in the Warsaw Uprising. Post war: writer, publicist, social activist and politician.

Władysław Bartoszewski was born on February 19, 1922 in Warsaw. At the age of 8, he began his education in a private Catholic junior high school Gimnazjum im. św. Stanisława Kostki. He continued his education in high school Liceum Towarzystwa Wychowawczo – Oświatowego and received his diploma in May 1939.

In September 1940, Władysław Bartoszewski was arrested during a round-up and taken to Auschwitz, where he was imprisoned  (inmate number 4427)  until April  1941.

In 1941-1944 he studied Polish secretly  at the Department of Humanistic Studies of the University of Warsaw.

In 1944 he took part in the Warsaw Uprising – as an aide to the commander of the „Anna” radio and information agency and the editor-in-chief of the „ City and Radio News” magazine.

Władysław Bartoszewski

(1922 - 2015)

In the eyes of his friends he had a very colorful and original personality. Many stories were told praising his vitality and energy, optimism, encyclopedic memory, and experience. The underlying element of the stories was that he spoke quickly and continuously.

Professor Władysław Bartoszewski died on April 24, 2015 in Warsaw.

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