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We do our best to ensure that the graduates of  WARSAW BILINGUAL SCHOOL Dwujęzyczna Szkoła Podstawowa im. Profesora Władysława Bartoszewskiego achieve comprehensive education, can fluently communicate in English, be open to absorbing knowledge,  and would be able to use their skills in further education.


It’s important for us to educate our children in:

  • bilingualism, the ability to learn in Polish and English languages,

  • curiosity about the world,

  • openness to other cultures and religions,

  • ability to cooperate and work in large groups,

  • creative thinking.


Main aims of our bilingual program:

  • MNE core curriculum realization,

  • integrated education in Polish and English,

  • teaching materials which are consistent in both languages,

  • teaching individual work based on projects,

  • shaping good attitudes in life.

Vision of the School

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