Student Council


Our Student Council makes up an integral part of our school, formed by all students. It portrays our school as a democratic and social institution. Every year, our student body chooses its Student Council representatives in democratic elections.


The goals of our Student Council are:

  • introducing the idea of autonomy and democracy,

  • inspiring our students to spend their free time actively,

  • providing opportunities to acquire new skills and valuable experiences,

  • expanding passions and interests,

  • developing group work skills.

Student Council Advisor

  • Anna Chomicz (pedagogue)

Student Council - school year 2020/21


  • Emir Al-Z. - klasa 7C

  • Jaromir G. - klasa 7B

  • Matylda S. – klasa 7A

  • Oliwia P. – klasa 7A

  • Jan B. - klasa 6A

  • Lena S. - klasa 5B

  • Stanisław T. - klasa 5B

  • Tina M. – klasa 5B

  • Wiktor W. - klasa 5B

  • Wiktoria P. – klasa 5B

  • Nella S. - klasa 4B

  • Małgorzata D. - klasa 4A