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Raising Attainment using SOLE in Mathematics

Since November 2017,  students from Warsaw Bilingual School have been participating in an European education project - Raising Attainment using SOLE in Mathematics realized within the Erasmus+ program.

The project is realized during three years (until June 2020) in sixteen chosen primary schools in Scotland, Spain and Poland. The coordinator of the project is the Department of Education of the City Council in Glasgow.

The project is addressed towards primary school teachers of 11-12 year old students. It deals with  the development of key skills in teaching and learning mathematics in order to improve the level of knowledge and increasing the effectiveness of teaching this subject.

The project is inspired by Professor Sugata Mitra’s ideas. He believes that children who are properly motivated and directed will study on their own. All that is needed to be done is placing a question in front of them to which they will want to find the answer themselves.  

Professor Mitra proposes a new work methodology based on the SOLE technique (Self Organized Learning Environment). The students are presented with a „big question” and they have to do proper research on their own and find the answer to the problem, while using new technologies.

Every month the teacher who is realizing the project conducts one lesson using the SOLE method and then describes and documents it. The results of the research are shared with teachers of schools that are also participating in the project.

Project Realization


Research group - class 5 and 6

Teacher realizing the project - Filip Klaus

Project Coordinator - Ewa Mach-Tomaszewska

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