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Poland Reads to Children

The project Cała Polska Czyta Dzieciom which Warsaw Bilingual School Dwujęzyczna Szkoła Podstawowa im. Profesora Władysława Bartoszewskiego Bartoszewskiego takes part in is part of another project called "Czytające Szkoły".


Reading is a basic tool for thinking (as well as mathematical thinking!) and acquiring knowledge. That is why all educational systems focus on reading. Without this skill, it is impossible to succeed at school.


Language skills should be developed in children at the very beginning of their lives by encouraging conversations, asking questions, reflecting , and reading to them for pleasure. By listening to sophisticated language, a child can pick up on many things and quickly learn new words and correct grammar and in the future read willingly and easily. Children who read do better in school and easily adapt to changes in their environment. 




  • promoting reading  at our school in two languages: Polish and English

  • creating habits to learn about the world through literature

  • teaching children how to prepare presentations about different books


Every year, Reading Sundays are organized.

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