Math and Science Education

This project is implemented with the use of modern technology offered by Make World, an educational internet platform. We participated in its development along with other educational institutions and primary schools in Spain and Greece. This platform provides the methodology and tools to learn STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).  With the help of basic programming, it teaches problem solving.

Bilingual Math and Science Education is our own innovational project conducted since September 2009.  The aim of this project is to teach bilingual math and science with the use of various methods and ways of teaching. Besides traditional lessons involving textbooks, we also provide classes based on experiments (Young Scientist) and interdisciplinary lessons that link science, mathematical and historical topics. The classes are conducted by teachers of early bilingual education (classes 1-3) and Math and Science teachers (classes 4-8). A native speaker also conducts lessons in each class who is a specialist in this area.

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