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Pro-health and Citizenship Education

We would like our students to:

  • be aware that their actions have an impact on society,

  • have  an active, creative and critical attitude towards the environment,

  • gain knowledge and skills to take care of their own health and respect the right to live in healthy and friendly surroundings.


school also takes part in other pro-health and ecological programs.


Milk at school

The focus of this program is for every student who likes and drinks milk to receive a milk carton during the school day.


Fruit at school

We would like to develop pro-health education of our students, impact their diet, and change their eating habits by eating healthy fruit and vegetables every day.


Our Planet Foundation

Our school has been collaborating with Our Planet Foundation for many years, taking part in many projects together.


Stena Innovative recycling

We support environment protection. We save forests by recycling.


Collect batteries!

Throughout the whole school year, our students, their parents and teachers collect used batteries. We transfer them to the recycling organization, "Biosystem SA".

We teach our students to help others who are in need. We take an active part in charity events which support Public Benefit Organizations.

  • we supported Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy,

  • we supported Children Villages and  Adopted Families,

  • we granted children’s wishes through the I Have a Wish Foundation,

  • we participated in the "Book Sharing" project by donating books,

  • we collected bottle caps for people in Stowarzyszenia Dom - Rodzina - Człowiek,

  • we supported DogBlog campaign and collected goods for animals for the foundation Azyl pod Psim Aniołem,

  • we participated in UNCIEF’s "Star for Africa" campaign

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